Lincoln – Bloom

December 19, 2014

Cast: Florencia Chiaramoni, James Mackay
Directors: Diego Contreras, Khalid Mohtaseb
Director Of Photography: Khalid Mohtaseb
Writer: Diego Contreras
Producer: Brendan Cochrane
Co-Producers: Diego Contreras, Khalid Mohtaseb
Production Supervisor: James Parker
Production Designer: Joseph Sciacca
Location Managers: Fred Gee, Chris Langley
Location Supervisor: Manuel Ruiz

Editor: Alex Bohs
Edit Producer: Josh Greenberg, We Are Famous
Colorist: Aline Sinquin, The Mill
Color Assist: Elias Nousiopoulus, Ashley Ayarza
Color Producer: Kimberly Rivero
Sound Design and Mix: Defacto Sound

2nd Unit DP: Dan Stewart
Steadicam Operator: Mike Wilson
1st AC: Jared Knecht
Aerial Photography: Aerial Imagery Works
Gaffer: Dan Stewart
Prop Master: Madison Hatch
Behind-the-scenes: David Gamboa
Location Sound: David Gamboa
Stylist: Saury Armenta
Hair/Makeup: Diana Solano

VFX: Cvlt Production, Tanguy Bodivit
VFX Producer: Chavvah Stuart
Additional VFX: Dan DiFelice

Additional Cast: Diana Solano, Tom Spinks, Cheryl Howerton

Music / Score:

“Arrival”, original track by Nathan Matthew David.

“Lost and Found”, “Steering Blind”, “Wherever It Goes” original tracks by The Driftmob Orchestra. Courtesy of Soundproof Tracks.

“Perfect Vision”, Courtesy of Soundproof Tracks.

“Crow: When Your Love Somebody” by Kool Head
Written by Brandon McMichael and Jason Nitti
Courtesy of Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc.

Special Thanks:
Vimeo, Bullitt Branded, Red Digital Cinema, Glyph Production Technologies, California Stake Parks, and Hernany Perla.